Liwia Dekert

Liwia Dekert, screen, steel and light -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-10b -
Liwia Dekert, installation, screen, steel and light -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-41b -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-54b -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-61b -
Liwia Dekert, installation close up, are you happy with the memories you already have? Graphite on wall -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-27b -
Liwia Dekert, installation close up, the sun is brighter this evening, graphite on wall -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-9b -
Liwia Dekert, installation close up, silent bubble, steel -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-2b -
steel-sculpture-9b -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-47.jpgb -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-49b -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-58b -
Liwia Dekert, screen, steel, light, black and white -
Liwia-Dekert---Artist---WRes-16b -



Installation 2021

Steel, light, graphite